Something for the weekend!

A NEW programme of weekend activities for local people with learning disabilities has been launched by Heart of England Mencap.
Taking place every other Saturday in Stratford, the programme is being supported as part of a £10,000 grant from Stratford Town Trust.
It’s an extension of the weekday activities already run by Heart of England Mencap for local adults with learning and physical disabilities.
Known as ‘Mencap Pathway’, the focus is on providing meaningful leisure and learning opportunities - everything from cooking to cycling or singing to sailing.
‘Weekend Pathway’ will offer the same with a whole range of activities planned; arts & crafts, upcycling, baking, flower arranging and sports for a start.
The group will be based at Foundation House but there will be plenty of trips out and about in the community too, to go swimming, see a show, enjoy a meal, or shopping at the market.
“It’s about entertaining and engaging our customers through a whole range of learning and leisure sessions,” Shivorne Poole, Weekend Activities Coordinator, said.
“What’s really important is that our customers have a role in deciding what our programme is going to be – it’s a chance for them to find and pursue new interests and skills while having a lot of fun with new friends too.”
Weekend Pathway started on Saturday May 5th and now runs every other Saturday at Foundation House, Masons Road, Stratford, between 10am and 4pm.
It costs just £5 to attend for the day, with carers going free.
The sessions are all run by highly-trained experienced staff able to support customers of all abilities.
For more information call Shivorne on 07543 935204 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Stratford Town Trust’s generous support is also funding transport and further weekday activities for Heart of England Mencap’s customers – from adaptive rowing to singing.
Photo: Welcome to Weekend Pathway – Heart of England Mencap customers Brian and Fred enjoy upcycling and art with Activities Coordinator Shivorne Poole, support workers Gary Arnold and Scott Ferguson and volunteer Trevor Preston.