Give a Heart - our first winners!

Huge congratulations to the winners of our first 'Give a Heart' awards!

Maria and Shivorne were nominated for staff recognition by their colleagues, for their commitment to our values and for going above and beyond for the people we support. We were told so many wonderful things about each of them, here's a flavour...

"Maria is one of a kind...She isn't someone that ever wants or needs recognition, but she deserves it...I can think of quite a few customers that she's helped get so far because of her persistence and communications with outside agencies...If I could be half the person she is in 10 years I would feel I had made a solid difference to the people we support..."

"Shivorne ticks all of our boxes for our values... She is a a very caring and hard working individual, not only with the people she looks after when she's at work, but also thinking of them outside of her working hours...She doesn't just love her job, she loves the adults she works with and the staff...I'm really proud she is a part of Heart of England Mencap and I know that everyone who knows Shivorne is proud to know her."

Keep your Give a Heart nominations coming in - we will be announcing a winner (or winners) each month! Anyone can make a nomination - just tell us who you are nominating and which of our values they demonstrate and how! Send their name and a few words to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.