Focusing on Health & Wellbeing

It has never been more important to focus on the Health & Wellbeing of our team - we know that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has had an effect on all parts of our lives, including our colleagues and the people we support.

We organised a Health & Wellbeing Survey to understand how people were feeling and to get feedback on how well we had responded during this difficult time.

Thank you to everybody who took part. The outcomes of this survey will help us to shape the actions we need to take to provide continuing support, where it is needed most – with our frontline workforce.

The survey looked at some key areas to help us gather information and enabled us to capture comments from our colleagues so they could be shared with us.

We focused on:

  1. How the organisation has given support during the pandemic
  2. How people felt about the support available to them
  3. How the issues have affected peoples’ roles
  4. How people have felt and are currently feeling
  5. Keeping people safe – employees

We’re now ready to share the results, please follow the link to download.

Our Chief Executive Helena Wallis says: “The Health & Wellbeing survey was the first cross-organisation survey we had run for some time and the participation levels reflected the fact that this was a subject that our colleagues were interested in.

“The survey was an effective way to engage with our teams and encourage them to share their perspectives and thoughts – which has provided us with some valuable insights into how people are feeling, especially after such a challenging year.

“Our Health & Wellbeing Champions are now working collectively to help us identify how we can continue to keep health and wellbeing at the heart of our employee engagement initiatives across Heart of England Mencap.”   

We will be sharing the actions we have already taken to support these areas and also our future plans to respond to the issues that have been identified.