Double vaccinations in care homes

During the past month a number of changes have been implemented as part of the roadmap to recovery across the UK and we continue to review and adjust the ways of working following the changes to government guidance and laws related to Covid-19.

The most recent change has been around the requirement that from 11th November 2021 anyone entering or working in a care home setting must be double vaccinated, subject to some very clear exemptions.

Our services that are classified as care homes are respite services located in Stratford, Leamington and Evesham, plus our small residential setting in Stratford. These requirements are now mandated in law and as a result we will be starting individual communications with our team members that are affected by the changes and to help them to understand what options available to them. Clearly at the heart of everything we do is the need to ensure we keep people safe and this includes the people we support and our employees.

We are delighted to say that our progress on vaccination has been exceptional and higher than the national average, but we recognise there may be individuals that need additional support and information around this and we will continue to provide resources and information to support this.