Covid-19 testing - My Experience

With key worker testing a crucial part in the fight against Covid-19, we wanted to share the experience of one our team members.

Steve self-isolated with symptoms and was quickly offered a test. Thank you to Steve for sharing his experience so that it can help others in the same position.

“I genuinely thought I may have Covid-19 and so I decided to self-isolate. I raised the isolation form online, which I emailed to my manager. Within four hours I received a text from the NHS with details of a drive through test, the following morning at 10am at the Worcester Warriors rugby ground, near Worcester, 19 miles away. The journey was an easy one, it was easy to find.

“I was in there for 1 hour and 40 minutes in total. At all times, you keep your window up and carry out the test yourself - only opening your window to take the sample kit from an operative and to give it back at the end.

“You have to ring the operatives for certain instructions during your time there, but everything is explained to you by reading the information cards they hold up. I had a few issues regarding bar codes etc, but you simply get the attention of the operative and then speak to them on the phone while they stand by your closed window.

“Basically, with the kit, you swab your throat and then one nostril.

“My only real advice to anyone going through this is to make sure your phone is fully charged up, which mine was. A flat battery would have caused a few problems.

“My NEGATIVE result was sent to me in about 48 hours, by email and text. I immediately contacted my manager by phone and returned to work on my next shift. And quite frankly, I couldn't wait to get in there! I felt massively relieved.

“My NEGATIVE result gave me total peace of mind. The ‘not knowing’ can make you very worried for your own health and worried about passing the disease onto colleagues and service users alike.”