Championing Health & Wellbeing

We're proud to introduce our new Health & Wellbeing Champions - here to help us focus on doing the right things to support our teams.

We have also run the first of our Health & Wellbeing Surveys, recognising that Covid has had an impact on all our lives and particularly for colleagues who have themselves been impacted either through testing positive, having to isolate or continue to shield due to being clinically extremely vulnerable.

We wanted to understand how our workforce were feeling and how we had supported people during these extraordinary times. We ran the first of our surveys focusing on health and wellbeing to give employees the opportunity to provide feedback and to help us decide what additional support we need to put in place moving forward. The key themes of the survey were:

How the organisation has provided support during the pandemic
How people felt about the support available to them
How Covid has affected peoples roles
How people have felt and are currently feeling
Keeping People Safe – employees and the people we support

The survey results are just being collated and will be communicated to all employees in the first week of March 2021.